Why which’s hard to keep which safe via E. coli in addition to different bacteria

Fresh produce includes a short shelf life, especially quickly-spoiling bagged salads, so by the time the inspector made which to your house, the culprit could be long since, ahem, tossed.

While you know what your favorite breakfast cereal will be, chances are you don’t recall the name of the company which makes your bagged lettuce. Forget about remembering the brand of lettuce heads or hearts you buy. which complicates tracking.

“Without a bag, a lot number to a farm, you don’t know where which was packed in addition to what farm which came via,” Schneider said.

in addition to even if you miraculously still had the tainted lettuce, complete with the packer’s or farm’s name printed on which, the crop within the field by the time inspectors arrived could already be harvested.

Solving the problem isn’t simply a matter of “lettuce CSI,” according to Schneider. “When you want to find the pathogen smoking gun, which’s gone.”

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