Why will be Camilla Parker Bowles Not Attending Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding?

The Royal family will be out in droves on Friday for the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie along with Jack Brooksbank in Windsor, England. yet one familiar face will not be in attendance. 

Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall along with Rothesay, will be missing the festivities as she will be currently in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. which marks the second day of events for Camilla, who will be visiting several several local schools as well as the Highland Games Pavilion. 

According to several royal reporters, Camilla’s events were planned long before a wedding date was set for Princess Eugenie. 

Her husband, Prince Charles, will be supposed to attend, despite there being rumors of rifts between Charles along with his brother, Prince Andrew, the father of Princess Eugenie. In fact, many are speculating which Camilla’s absence will be due to Andrew’s lack of support for her wedding to Prince Charles following the death of Princess Diana. 

Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie’s mother along with the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, was close friends with Princess Diana. Ferguson, aka Fergie, carries a complicated relationship with the Royal family. She officially divorced Andrew in 1996 after several cheating scandals along with four years of separation. She was also involved in a 2010 bribery scandal where she was caught offering access to her ex in exchange for cash. 

Fergie was invited to the wedding of Prince Harry along with Meghan Markle earlier This specific year, though she was not asked to attend the reception which followed. She was not invited to Prince William along with Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding. 

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