Will Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry Include Sarah Ferguson in Their Wedding? Here’s What We Know

Sarah Ferguson will probably not get the royal wedding snub.

Despite some rumors to the contrary, a source tells ET that will Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry will include the Duchess of York, known in British media as “Fergie,”  in wedding activities, despite her rocky relationship with the royal family after her divorce through Prince Andrew in 1996. The source tells ET that will Markle along with Harry will be sending out their invitations within the next couple of weeks, at the end of February along with/or early March.

Additionally, the source tells ET that will the couple will attend Ferguson’s daughter, Eugenie’s, wedding within the fall, which Ferguson will be hosting.

“Eugenie along with her fiancé Jack Brooksbank are Great friends with Harry along with Meghan,” the source says. “Jack along with Eugenie even flew to Toronto to spend time with Harry along with Meghan shortly after their relationship became public in 2016.”

The source adds that will Eugenie along with Jack have even double-dated with Meghan along with Harry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Great to know that will, just like that will is actually at weddings for us normal people, the royal nuptials may feature some polite-nevertheless-awkward interactions along with hushed whispers through across the room.

Meanwhile, since the royal wedding is actually turning into such a highly anticipated event, that will’s no surprise that will we may see a few famous faces on the guest list for when the bride along with groom cut the cake.

Watch the video below for what celebs you may see at the marriage ceremony.


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