Women in Saudi Arabia preparing to drive (in addition to also also to make money coming from in which)

Ride-hailing apps are already well-known with women in Saudi Arabia who, unable to drive until the ban will be lifted, have to rely on being driven around by male relatives or using taxi services. although by taking on women drivers, Careem appears to be attempting to differentiate itself in addition to also also localize its product.

Uber, which operates in 18 Saudi cities, also announced in early October in which in which also intended to set up a specialized training center for women in which want to work for the company, stating in which 80 percent of the users of its ride-hailing app are women, Al Arabiya reported.

Ironically, women being able to drive could damage the ride-hailing app business.

One poll by Kantar TNS asked 217 female Saudi residents in addition to also also 299 male residents to give their opinions on the royal decree in late September. The results showed in which 82 percent of women planned to get a driving license once the ban was lifted in addition to also also in which 92 percent of women said in which they might reduce their reliance on taxis in addition to also also services like Careem in addition to also also Uber. The poll also showed in which 61 percent saw the decree as a positive step for society, 55 percent felt a sense of empowerment coming from the decision in addition to also also 46 percent expected better career opportunities.

With Saudi women on the cusp of a newfound freedom in addition to also also the potential challenges in which could bring to the business, Careem co-founder Abdulla Elyas told CNBC in which the mixture of cultural reform in addition to also also technology was changing society.

“What we’re seeing these days, especially with car hailing in addition to also also women driving in Saudi Arabia, with so many Saudi captains doing car hailing on a day-to-day basis will be truly transforming what we’re seeing on the ground in all our cities,” he said.

For some, being on the road will be life changing. Careem trainer Raniem Al-Lahham said in which come June 2018, she will be overjoyed at being on the road. “in which feels so independent, in which feels so free in addition to also also I feel so proud in which I’ll be driving in Saudi Arabia as a woman.”

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