You Can Finally Get Amazon Prime Video On Your Apple TV

the item’s taken a while, nevertheless the Amazon Prime Video app will be at of which point available to Apple TV users within the United States.

The app became available for download Wednesday, following a promise Apple made back in June at WWDC, the company’s annual conference for developers, of which the item might be available “later of which year.”

Once you grab the app through the Apple TV App Store (search for “Amazon Prime Video” on your Apple TV), you’ll be able to sign in to your Amazon account as well as start streaming instantly.

The app also supports Apple TV’s Universal Search feature, which means of which content through Amazon Prime Video will show up whenever you search for a TV show or a movie on your Apple TV.

of which said, you still can’t buy an Apple TV through Amazon. The company pulled both the Apple TV as well as Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle in 2015 because neither of them supported Amazon Prime Video at the time.

On Tuesday, Google announced of which the item was pulling YouTube off the Amazon Echo Show immediately, as well as the Amazon Fire TV started off January 1, 2018, in retaliation for Amazon not selling the Chromecast as well as additional products like Google Home, Google’s Echo competitor, on its website.

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