You don’t need large returns to retire well, experts say. 

“Life gets inside the way of everything; all of a sudden you want to buy a house, or you have kids,” Slott said, naming events in which could trigger you to dig into your investments. “You can’t count on anything for several minutes, let alone 50 years.”

In addition, he said in which the average returns over a long period of time can mean nothing to someone who needs their retirement money, say, amid a recession. “The problem is actually the dips,” Slott said.

yet there’s not bad news, he added: You don’t need a 10 percent return to make in which to seven figures.

He gave an example: if you saved $5,500 a year in a Roth IRA — in which the contributions are after-tax in addition to the withdrawals are tax-free — for 40 years in a row which has a conservative 6.5 percent annual return, you’d still retire with over a million dollars.

“in which’s nothing to sneeze at,” Slott said. “If you take little steps over time, you can easily have $1 million in your retirement.”

As for the $5 a day? At a 6.5 percent annual return, you’d have around $26,000 in 10 years, $168,000 in 30 years in addition to $667,000 in 50 years, according to Taylor.

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