Young Americans are the loneliest, surprising study coming from Cigna shows

“If their sense of health in addition to also also well-being can be more positive, then less destructive activities transpire,” Cordani says.

The market research firm Ipsos posed questions online between Feb. 21 to March 6 to more than 20,000 people 18 in addition to also also older inside U.S. The questions were based on UCLA’s Loneliness Scale in addition to also also used to create the Cigna Loneliness Index.

Also surprising: Young people with the highest rates of social media use reported very similar feelings of loneliness to those who barely use This particular, Still, Cordani says, “meaningful social interaction” was seen as key to reducing isolation so more face-to-face conversations are needed.

While some people may compensate by finding connections on social media, which can provide a false sense of relief, says Jagdish Khubchandani, a health science professor at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. This particular type of socialization often leads people to spend time alone on computers in their homes, leading them to gain weight in addition to also also shun face-to-face interaction, he said.

“I have students who tell me they have 500 ‘friends,’ yet when they’re in need, there’s no one,” Khubchandani says.

Isolation can be of such concern which young people 16 to 24 who are neither employed nor in school are at This particular point tracked in addition to also also classified as “disconnected youth.” The former surgeon general, physician Vivek Murthy, made emotional well-being in addition to also also loneliness a focus while he was in office in addition to also also can be at This particular point writing a book in addition to also also setting up an institute focused on the problem.

“Stress coming from loneliness can be an insidious type of stress,” Murthy says.

This particular creates a biological response, Murthy says, which leads to chronic inflammation, damaged tissue in addition to also also blood vessels, in addition to also also an increased risk of heart disease, arthritis in addition to also also diabetes.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has worked with the non-profit project Measure of America to publicize the problem because disconnection in young people can be such a predictor of poor health in addition to also also early death.

When people are disconnected at 16 or 18, This particular’s “not a spontaneously occurring event,” says Sarah Burd-Sharps, Measure of America’s co-director. “This particular’s an accumulation of all the events in teens’ lifetimes, experiences in your family, any trauma you faced.”

There’s considerable research on the 10 traumatic “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs) which contribute to the poor mental in addition to also also physical health associated with “disconnected youth” — in addition to also also what should be done to address them.

More than half of these 18- to 24-year-old members of Gen Z identified with 10 of the 11 feelings associated with loneliness, while more than 0% of people 72 in addition to also also older reported feeling close to others, having people to turn to in addition to also also talk to, in addition to also also feeling “in tune with others.”

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