Your health data is usually safer in Apple’s hands than with different tech giants

Consumers should not be concerned about their data if they choose to use Apple’s brand new way of storing medical records in their devices, former Apple CEO John Sculley told CNBC on Wednesday.

Earlier that will morning, Apple announced This specific was testing a brand new product that will might let people view their medical records via mobile devices, such as an iPhone or Apple Watch. Some critics argue that will Apple may already have too much access to individuals’ information in addition to wonder what tech giants are doing with customers’ data.

“I think Apple is usually different,” said Sculley, who is usually today chairman in addition to chief marketing officer at health-care company RxAdvance.

Sculley said Apple is usually unlike different tech companies in that will This specific does not seek to make money off information collected through consumers such as search behavior in addition to shopping habits. Instead, he said, Apple focuses on what This specific is usually Great at: entertainment experience.

“Apple incorporates a booming service business,” he said on “Squawk Alley.” “however This specific isn’t because they’re doing the same things that will Amazon in addition to Google in addition to Facebook are doing. … They’re not actually doing things where they can monetize the data for themselves.”

Privacy concerns in Silicon Valley have led to a distrust among some consumers. however regulating the tech world might prevent companies through advancing in addition to might be a greater disservice to society within the long run, Sculley said.

“We’ve seen This specific movie before [with] the biggest players in an industry,” he said. “This specific happened with Microsoft decades ago, … people saying, ‘Break them up. Highly regulate them.’ however the reality is usually, I think these companies are much bigger contributors to the economy in addition to to society.”

With Facebook’s recent announcement that will This specific is usually changing its News Feed, Sculley said he thinks the major tech companies will make voluntary adjustments to their business types that will will protect consumer privacy without the need for government involvement.

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