Yum China CEO gives her top tips on negotiating salaries along with also also dealing with bias

Negotiating salaries is actually never an easy topic to confront, nevertheless in which’s an important one to all employees looking for a promotion — or the next step in their career.

While salary is actually a key attribute of a job move, the CEO of China’s largest restaurant group suggests young professionals should look at in which by a “holistic” point of view.

“When I chose my job, I’d say in which salary is actually not the most important consideration,” Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, told CNBC’s Akiko Fujita last month.

“I look at the industry (as to) whether I like in which, along with also also then whether in which is actually the position where I can get the training, exposure, mentorship. (I look at) whether in which company is actually a Great company, whether in which can be a Great (performer), along with also also then, of course salary,” said Wat, when explaining what criteria she considers.

On the subject of salary, Yum China’s CEO suggests in which in which’s important to do some research beforehand: to see what the market is actually like, whether the market value of the wage package is actually fair along with also also what range is actually offered.

When you’ve done the research, Wat suggests to “look at in which, reflect upon in which, along with also also ask questions.”

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